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What is the importance of prototypes?



What is a Prototype?

A prototype is a version of a project that is built for evaluation. Often it will help stakeholders understand the platform and it is usually analyzed by a group of people responsible for looking for design flaws and sending improvement suggestions.


Advantages of the Prototype


A prototype anticipates problems a product might have, but also brings a series of benefits:

  1. It can be used to check the interest of users in the platform;
  2. It allows the understanding of possible user experience improvements;
  3. It facilitates the visualization of the concept of the project by all teams and stakeholders;
  4. It improves the accuracy in terms of predicting a product’s final cost and time required to develop.


Prototyping Tools


The goal of prototyping is to make a project tangible and visual, and it may vary in complexity according to the project. Skipping this step of development might cause unnecessary rework and spending. In the case of apps and web platforms, designers usually use software for this process, Adobe XD and Figma being common choices among them.