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Notions in Digital Products

Very often we hear new ideas for apps and systems with the ambition and promises to change the market. But, to achieve this result, it’s necessary to build and plan with the correct digital product mindset.

To create a successful digital product, 3 factors must be taken into account: the needs of the client, the limitations or possibilities of the technology, and the needs of the business.


Understanding the business’s necessities is essential, after all, the Digital Product must generate value for the company. These needs might be related to generating revenue, granting more visibility to the brand, or even improving internal workflows, as a few examples.


An amazing product must commit to providing an intuitive and accessible solution for its users. Besides that, the software needs to solve real problems and necessities. Otherwise, it’s useless.


The product must be technologically viable. The right technological decisions not only directly impact the product’s cost and development time, but also its capacity to evolve with flexibility in the future.