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What is Intra-entrepreneurship?


Work creativity and innovation are more than necessary for companies that want to reach game-changing results for their business. On top of that, for intra-entrepreneurship to happen it is necessary to create a culture where the development of the employees’ skills is prioritized so they can put them into practice.


5 Characteristics about Intra-Entrepreneurship


Intra-Entrepreneurs are people that find opportunities to aggregate value, taking for themselves the responsibility of innovating and being proactive inside the company.

The intra-entrepreneurs are always in the spotlight for delivering more than was expected, mixing strategic analysis with visual thinking through mind mapping, design thinking, and brainstorming for decision-making.

They play a key role in organizations, maintaining and upgrading the initial concept of a project and leveraging the competitive advantage of companies.

Their mind is restless from nature and they are thirsty for challenging the status quo, finding ways to solve challenges, and seeking new concepts that can apply both for the creation of unique digital products and to improve existing processes.

They can perform leadership from their high creation capacity, focus, and concentration in the development of new businesses. Having a professional this engaged and collaborative makes all the difference. The Intra-Entrepreneur is familiar with identifying problems in the company and proposing solutions, circumventing the issues that could seriously injure the organization’s growth.