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What is a Design System



The creation of a Design System is a step that makes the interface development easier and supports solutions that solve users’ problems from end to end. It is not a project, but an essential tool that grants scalability, speed, and precision in the development of digital products. 


The Design System is also considered so crucial for being able to provide consistency and patterns of development. It scales UI Design projects making it easier to create interfaces according to the brand and company goals. As the goals grow, the Design System establishes guidelines that allow more freedom for solution creation and ideation that can attend to users’ expectations. 


Why You Should Have One


Here is 3 reasons on why you should consider having a Design System for your digital product:

  • Once the developers create more consistent interfaces, the DS reduces the risk of possible errors, besides, the user experience is enhanced.
  • Better communication between teams: Design Systems make the work easier for developers as they receive specified items and components.
  • It generates value for deliveries: The DS grants quality in the definition of patterns, working as an enhanced brand guide for the digital product.