Brokerage firm develops app in partnership with Espresso Labs to approach new markets.


In 2020, the financial market underwent significant transformations and demands, mainly due to the coronavirus pandemic. With the need to adapt to remote work and the constant changes in the market, brokerage firms had to quickly adapt to meet the needs of their clients. In this context, one particular brokerage firm faced a major challenge: its internal processes, especially its technological language, were outdated and had performance issues, which affected the user experience.

Given this situation, process modernization became an urgent demand for the brokerage firm to ensure competitiveness in the market and meet customer expectations.

The Challenge

During the project development, Espresso Labs faced challenges related to the creation of the app’s layout. The team had proposed a design that, although appreciated by the company’s professionals, did not please the client. However, thanks to constant validation and usability testing, a new visual identity proposal was elaborated, resulting in an app that pleased both parties.

This episode illustrates the importance of developing a digital solution in collaboration with users, clients, and designers. The construction of any successful digital product requires finding a middle ground between the interests of all stakeholders in the process. This is particularly important when it comes to a B2C app – that is, directly targeting the end consumer – that will potentially have millions of users.

Given the challenges presented by the client, Espresso Labs defined a series of objectives to be achieved in the project to modernize the brokerage firm's app.

Espresso’s Methodology


One of the main objectives was to develop a completely new app that could offer a more intuitive, fast, and seamless user experience, with a modern design aligned with current trends in the financial market.

  1. App Development

To achieve this goal, the Espresso Labs team used cutting-edge technologies and best practices in development, such as microservices architecture and agile development. In addition, another important objective was to ensure the security of customer data, both in storage and transmission, which required the implementation of robust security measures and compliance with financial industry regulations.

2. Final Touch

The team also focused on ensuring scalability of the platform to support the brokerage firm’s user base growth. Lastly, another important objective was the integration with other financial and investment platforms to offer a more comprehensive and integrated experience to customers.

Quality Over Quantity

Results Achieved:


App rating increased.

The app’s rating on the app store increased from 3.6 to 4.7, demonstrating user satisfaction with the implemented changes.

More acessibility

The Android app’s download size was reduced by 80%, making it more accessible and faster for users to download and install.

More Cyber Security

Data encryption was improved and successfully audited by a specialized security company, ensuring the protection of user information.

Visually better

Users praised the new app design, considering it much more visually appealing, intuitive, and modern.