Diet hub, the digital product that facilitates the routine of nutritionists and their patients.

Diet Hub’s goal is to facilitate the prescription of diets and their tracking for professional nutritionists.

The founders, who are specialists in the field, aimed to improve the experience of both patients and health professionals during the arduous task of tracking how well someone is following a diet.


In a market with thousands of certified nutritionists and hundreds of formation courses, almost half of these professionals used some digital tool to help their clinic in the last five years. The existing solutions, however, didn’t accurately fulfill their demands.

Diet Hub is committed to allowing an easier practice for nutritionists, especially those who are still in formation or are at the beginning of their careers. Through Diet Hub, they can be more confident in their prescriptions as they continue learning.

A look at the nutrition industry in Brazil.




of total nutritionists graduated in the last 5 years


nutrition courses

Doubts over process

Our netnographic research found many nutrition students seeking experienced professionals to better understand their work routine and patient follow-up.

Demand for worktools

Many students and professionals are constantly searching for spreadsheets, apps, or platforms to assist them in their work.


As a healthcare profession, errors can lead to complications, which is why we observe a significant interest among students and professionals in constantly seeking to validate their methods.

The Challenge

To build a platform that facilitates the routine of nutritionists, allowing them to register, analyze and check information of patients, through an easy and pleasant journey, which applies to different levels of knowledge in nutrition and offers a superior solution to other platforms, was the challenge brought by the client.

The need for organization and agility during appointments and administrative tasks and the need for safe decision-making in analysis, evaluations, and prescriptions.

Espresso’s Methodology


Our team used Research methodologies to map the context around Diet Hub’s market and potential users. Then Espresso Inception, an in-house methodology, connected Diet Hub’s business goals with the insights found during research into a solid viable product.

1. Benchmarking

Our Research process started with understanding the business and brand strategy of Diet Hub, as well as the context of the market of nutrition.

Espresso’s team performed a deep analysis of competitors, which revealed shortcomings of these available solutions and opportunities for improvement on the first ideas from Diet Hub.

2. Ideation

After the competitor software analysis, we identified the major similarities and opportunities of differentiating Diet Hub from competitors.

We mapped the experience of nutritionist clinic appointments, prescriptions, and follow-ups, understanding every aspect of the interaction between nutrition professionals and their patients.

The Solution

Knowing that our virtual behavior is a reflection of human behavior itself, we employed a netnography research to ensure that the features prioritized in Diet Hub’s software would be valuable for potential users.

During this process, we observed behaviors and statements from nutritionists and students to understand their needs and user journeys.

As we finished the Research phase and started Espresso Inception, we performed collaborative sessions in which we defined the product strategy. Vision, objectives, and intrinsic characteristics were defined then, based on the valuable data collected during Research. These definitions were vital to guide the feature ideation for the final product.