Tibox entrusted Espresso Labs with the challenge of modernizing the design and features of its app.


Tibox is a Brazilian tech company working in the market of internal communications.

Its main service, Allert, is a tool able to send customized messages directly to the desktop of an employee, without the need for them to be manually checking emails, Slack, or other tools for announcements.



Allert is used by big companies like Porto Seguro and Bradesco, mainly to communicate critical or strategic messages to a great number of employees. Allert also offers a powerful filter system, which makes it possible to send each message to a personalized department, region, or job title, for example.

The relationship between Tibox and Espresso started in 2018 in a small project focusing on specific fixes in their platform. Later on, Espresso’s technology team became responsible for implementing their platform for several Tibox clients, by supplying working hours of developers qualified in the programming language used by them.

The Challenge

In the past few years, many companies have started to consider the mobile factor as an important characteristic of the ideal communication tool. Foreseeing this trend, Tibox entrusted Espresso Labs with the challenge of modernizing the design and the features of their app, considering the feedback from their current customers.

Tibox already had clear and specific feedback from their clients about what should be improved.

Allert had always focused on the desktop/web end. Even though there was an existing app, its features were very limited in comparison to the powerful original version.

Espresso’s Methodology


A Product Manager from Espresso was responsible for managing the needs of the product and creating a roadmap of the new features for the product. Always considering the required time and cost for implementation.

The roadmap allowed both companies to immediately start the development of the new Digital Product directly into the Inception phase, which was followed by Prototyping.

Pain Points

1. The app should centralize the corporate communication of companies, allowing easy access to other channels of information, public data, and general interest information.

2. The app should be able to notify the user, through push notifications and alerts inside the app, about important messages just as the desktop version did.


Our findings during this phase brought us to a conclusion: beyond company-employee communication, it would be interesting to expand to possibilities in employee-employee communication too. With this important premise and taking into consideration the two original goals, Espresso Labs and Tibox added a third objective to the redesign of the platform.

3. The app should facilitate communication between employees and teams with simple comms solutions.

And so the initial scope was expanded. Through research, we were able to narrow the range of possibilities in terms of the technology available to reach this new goal.

With all of these guidelines taken into consideration and all the features listed, this was the result of the project.

The Prototyping team stepped in to refactor the entire user flow and user interface of the app, followed by the Development team that implemented the new features on the front end to connect the app to the current Tibox system.

What We Delivered