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From idea to successful platform in one stop.

Espresso Labs, through its methodology, reduces uncertainties in the strategic decision making process and increases the success rate of digital product deployment based on thorough research and analysis of business necessities and demands

A deep dive into the the mind of the user and the reality of your market

Our Research goal is to immerse ourselves into your business and understand the unique problems and opportunities it represents. We map the use cases in which the service or product is operates along with potential, existing, and related competitors. Our research methods ensure a deep investigation of the ecosystem that surrounds the product as well as the behavior, habits, opinions, and needs of users.

Our possible deliverables include but are not limited to:

  • Board aggregating all relevant information collected during research;
  • Report of most relevant insights for the product;
  • Personas that represent the profiles of different users and stakeholders;
  • Benchmarking of competing products and platforms.

A clear roadmap of software features & project priorities

Our Inception process aims to connect the business goals to the user’s real needs while identifying true growth opportunities, always in an agile and timely manner. Our methodology Espresso Inception is guided by the search for opportunities and the alignment of user needs and business goals.

Possible deliverables include:

  • Vision statement, objectives, and characteristics intrinsic to the product;
  • Feature prioritization roadmap;
  • Sitemap and product user flow.

A state of the art interface for your product

At this stage our goal is to create the visual structure of the platform. These deliverables are the basis for further development of the application. Espresso Lab’s UX & UI team is specialized in building solutions that unify state of the art interface design to the relevant needs of users.

Main deliverables

  • Interactive high-fidelity prototype (Figma);
  • Design System (Figma).

Your app with the highest standards of code

Our Development service aims to construct a project applying the most modern standards of code in the market, empowering posterior evolution of the platform and quick fixing of problems while taking into consideration security & privacy concerns.

Possible deliverables

  • Source code of the system developed;
  • Initial configuration of the Google Cloud Platform;
  • Publication in the App Store and Google Play.

Deploy, evolve and scale your digital product safely.

A digital product demands maintenance and constant observation to ensure thorough understanding of its performance, and how users interact with it, all while monitoring for security & usage concerns.

Our support team is always ready to help you evolve your product while resolving any technical issue that arise along the way.

Let's work together on bringing your digital product to life.

Additional services

Code audit

We provide code auditing and analysis for softwares developed outside of Espresso and developed using our current framework (Node.js, Flutter, C#, Javascript, Angular or Vue.js).

Hosting & maintenance

Using Google Cloud’s infrastructure we can provide hosting and maintenance to your current product. Our technical team makes sure that your product can scale safely and cost effectively.

Developer outsourcing

For bigger projects we offer the possibility of tech squad outsourcing. In this model we offer a fully dedicated technology team that directly answers to your company management without the worries of hiring, maintaining and evaluating developers. All developers are hired according do Espresso Labs standards and go through a rigorous selection process.

GDPR and LGPD (Brazilian Data Protection Law) consulting

Privacy is in our core. Our team has lawyers ready to ensure that your new product complies with the world’s most rigorous data protection laws.


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