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We partner closely with our clients from beginning to end to design, strategize and develop their digital platforms with a dedicated team of experts.

Our goal is to bring your idea to reality.

"With just an idea of an internal innovation project Espresso's team helped me from start to finish. They provided good insights and developed the project much faster than we could internally"

Digital solutions that yield concrete results

"The team abided by all requirements and timelines, impressing the partner company. Their work was praised internally for solving data gathering and communications issues internally."

Meet our
Digital Product journey

Product Discovery is the first stage of our Digital Product development journey. At this step our main goal is to identify the best solution for the users, considering the business goals, user needs and tech limitations.

During this stage we construct a feature implementation roadmap that reduces risk and increases the project’s success rate while providing a comprehensive competitor/market analysis.

Applying the opportunities and limitations found in our Discovery process, we begin designing and developing the Digital Product according to our previously defined feature roadmap.

The main goal in this stage is to produce a software product able to scale safely and easily using the most modern standards and practices.

By vigilantly monitoring the product and its usage, we can easily visualize what new features are most in demand, and how to best optimize existing ones.

Similar to a Discovery sprint, we outline and prioritize what to build, but instead apply direct user feedback and input to adapt the backlog for new features and UX improvements.